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Sparkler Features
"Sparkler" is our customized software product. Looking at the needs of present day accounting, we have designed Sparkler, focusing on the current trends of the market. This software has been deployed at our customer sites and our customers are very satisfied with its performance and rich features. The “Sparkler 1.0” important features are as follows,
Multi Company
Multi Currency
Multi User Accounting System
Inventory Management System
Consignment / Memo / Jangad Management System
Forward Booking Contract
Customer Vendor Mix Report
Grouping in Party Accounts
Exchange Gain Loss
Inventory History Reports
Physical Stock Verification
Interlinking of reports
Year End Enabled
VAT enabled (for INDIA)
HK multi currency accounting compatible (HK)
Japanese Accounting Promissory Note (JAPAN)
Rapport linking (USA)
Interest calculation (Antwerp)
Web based
Barcode Compatible
Printing, Emailing and Faxing possible
Graphical User Interface
Polygon could be possible