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Custom Software Solutions
We Customize. We deliver. We excel!

When you realize your business experiences a software limitation, we are here with the solution for you. At SAMYAK, we customize for the best.

With unique skill sets, our team analyses your problem weighing the advantages in your favour. We reach a viable solution as per your requirement and implement within a convenient time frame. Our promise is that we provide excellent results. We customize applications and develop softwares disregarding the limitations that come with it. Instead of managing your business in concordance with the software, we achieve the software design by tending to your requirements.

We assure that using software designed to your particular specification will be more easy and simple to use. With a committed taskforce, we achieve that goal dutifully. We create a competitive environment which enables successful results. We work in different domains viz.:-

Jewellery Manufacturing and Retail
Diamond Stock and Inventory
Integrated Accounting package for Industry
Maintenance Management for Every Domain
Japanese Based accounting and Inventory System
We work for your satisfaction, in your domain and by your ways!