Founded in 2005, Samyak is team of dedicated professionals working
hard to cater to the needs of our clients.

Chanchalkumar V Dagade (Jain)

Co-founder & CEO

He is an Electronic Enginner, having 15+ year
experience in the IT Industry.. Know More About him

Shitalkumar V Dagade (Jain)

Co-founder & COO

He is an Electronic & Software Enginner, having 17+ year
experience in the IT Ind.. Know More About him

Mentors and Coaches


Arun Sehgal

Chief Mentor

He has specialised in the area of

International Marketing and Sales as well...

Chhaya Sehgal

Chhaya Sehgal

Chief Mentor

Chhaya Sehgal is a first generation Entrepreneur

a Passionate Educator and a Committed Ment...


Khushbu Jain

Advocate Supreme Court Of India

Ms. Jainís practice emphasizes the litigation that

pertains to business/ corporates as well as law...